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Marketing & Promotions

Profit from a cohesive corporate identity, marketing strategy and sales campaigns.

Alba can provide full project management resources from concept to delivery – from one off projects to complete marketing and sales campaigns which include the initial design work, the production of high quality promotional material and its content through to distribution, follow up and evaluation.

We can handle all your sales or organisational promotion needs whether it is B2B, retail or internet sales, increasing sales or customer retention ā€“ our successful track record ranges from individuals demanding the highest quality reproduction such as artists and technical authors, local businesses, NGOs and corporate presentations at government and international level.

However, for a given budget, the result will be much greater if your marketing spend is part of an integrated plan. Alba has the resources to help you achieve it ā€“ from initial logo design up to and including radio and TV ads. Contact us for an initial no commitment discussion of your needs and find out about our consultative approach which ensures we deliver products that match our customersā€™ profile and aspirations.

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