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Cross Media

Benefit from our project management services to produce an integrated print and digital based identity and presence.

Sometimes referred to as Multi Channel Marketing this is a multi-faceted approach for delivering your information or marketing message which merges print, digital media including email, web based videos and slideshows, interactive print and social media.

Using a single supplier makes it easier and more effective for organisations to develop integrated campaigns or projects that use both printed copy – flyers, press advertising, brochures etc and digital media such as email-shots, and web ads thereby creating a symbiotic effect and enhancing your customers’ experience, in turn encouraging a two way relationship which grows your business, and increases your competitive advantage.

Organisations who have profited from our digital design capabilities include NGOs, educational establishments, retail, service, professional and manufacturing companies.

Contact us for more information on how our cross media experience can help your business.

Services include design, web coding, strategy development, copywriting, technical support.

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