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Corporate Information

Reflecting the importance of your communication needs to stakeholders.

Whilst everyone is aware of the importance of quality in communicating with customers, clients or service users – ie the correct information, delivered in an easily assimilated way on media which reflects the level of services offered by your organisation, – we also understand the important role quality plays in generating confidence and trust in other stakeholders – shareholders, benefactors, employees, suppliers and funding bodies.

Quality of presentation can play as important role at times for internal communications as for external communications – eg staff newsletters, policy documents and training material for retaining valuable staff and motivating your human resources.

Alba can help you develop cost efficient wall panels, displays, reports and other material which convey a message in an effective way, and at the same time enhancing the profile of your organisation. We have amassed a magnitude of experience in delivering appropriate communication and training materials for charities, trusts, local government, community projects and commercial organisations – helping them to communicate effectively at many different levels.

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