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Environmentally Friendly Alba

At Alba we have discovered that environmentally friendly policies actually save money. Recycling waste materials and employing the latest technology, not only improves productivity and quality, it also reduces our direct costs through using fewer materials and less power (and helps us to win additional business from organisations that require stringent environmental standards from their suppliers such as the Crichton Carbon Centre).

As well as a commitment to help improve the world we all live in, Alba’s commitment to reducing our impact on the environment directly:

Helps you achieve the required environmental standards in your supply chain and gain marketing leverage.

All our suppliers are either FSC or PEFC registered ensuring that our paper supplies come from properly managed and sustainable forests.

Ensures you take delivery of high quality output which embodies value for money.

We have a policy of constantly upgrading our equipment to keep quality, productivity and costs as competitive as possible. This also has an environmental impact – for example our latest press does not require the use of alcohol – not only reducing the harm to the environment but also:

• 30% reduction in set up time

• 50% reduction in paper usage at start of run

• Resultant reduction in electricity usage

All of which reduces our direct costs (as well as enabling a higher quality of print).

Process-less plates

We don’t use chemicals resulting in a direct saving on material used and an indirect saving in not having to dispose of used chemicals.

We recycle plates, waste paper, ink rags and ink tins – yielding a contribution to overheads from resultant revenue.

We take responsibility for our waste products by using accredited waste recycling companies to clean our ink rags, recycle printing plates, ink tins and waste paper.

Alba Printers currently only use alcohol free printing process and vegetable based inks, with all empty ink tins stored prior to collection for re-cycling. All paper is supplied from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) accredited companies. Within the pre-press Studio all toner cartridges are re-cycled as required for Accreditation.